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The prefecture of the Peloponnese is a peninsula south west of Athens that is separated from the mainland only by the Corinth Canal. A huge expanse of area, the Peloponnese has a wonderfully diverse countryside. Some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, the most ragged barren countryside in some areas and in other plush almost tropical forests and high mountains (just an hour away from Tolo in Tripoli it is possible to ski during the Winter months). Old charming, traditional villages that haven't changed over the years are a favourite for visitors  and are plentiful.

Many people visit the Peloponnese to study nature, the Spring is a stunning time of the year for wild flowers, rare birds and animals. Others come to visit the famous archaeological sites such as Mystras, Ancient Olympia, Ancient Korinthos, Nemea, Monemvasia. It is a great idea to rent a car during your time in Tolo or to take advantage of the organised trips to some of these areas with guides to build up your knowledge of Ancient Greece and history.

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