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The Argolida county is well known for the UNESCO sites of Mycenae, the Theatre of Epidavros and the Citadel of Ancient Tiryns (Tiryntha). During the summer months ancient plays are reenacted at the theatre and create a wonderful spectacle even for non-Greek speakers. Mycenae is responsible for a whole era and had a marked effect on world history. The Treasury of Atreus, the tomb of Agamemnon and the Lion Gate are some of the many attractions at this wonderful place. Visit also the Natural History Museum at Ligourio (on the Epidavros road) for a fine array of crystal, geological phenomena and historic tools.

The magical city of Nafplion (the first capital of Greece) is found just 10 mins from Tolo and is a treat to visit. Many historical monuments and castles like the Palamidi, the narrow Venetian streets with overhanging balconies and the choice of museums combine to make Nafplion a fascinating place and a must to visit.

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